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These handouts & checklists are intended to give general information regarding the City of Jasper's adopted codes and ordinances involving the permitting process, plan review process, inspection process, and operating procedures of the department. The information on these documents may not be all inclusive to any one specific project, and certain requirements may not pertain to any one specific project either. Any questions regarding any of these procedures or requirements can be directed to Code Enforcement and Inspections Department or City Hall, 465 South Main St., Jasper, TX. It is encouraged to all contractors, developers, and building owners to contact our department to schedule development meetings for all large projects and developments. All adopted ordinances can be found in the Online Services Tab for viewing.

Click on the link provided here to navigate the IWORQ permit portal. You can submit permit applications, track permitting info for your project, view inspection results, and register as a contractor. From this portal you can also submit code enforcement complaints for properties within the city and track the case.

All permit applications shall be submitted to Code Enforcement and Inspections Department located at City Hall, 465 South Main St., Jasper, TX. All applicable fees including permits, plan reviews, and re-inspections can be made on-line with the Customer Service Department located at City Hall. If you have any questions regarding these applications, submittal documents, and procedures, please contact Code Enforcement and Inspections Department or City Hall.
A full list of approved city construction standards may be obtained from the Code Enforcement Department located at city hall. The construction standards provided here are the more common standards applicable to residential and commercial construction. While some of the information contained in these documents are city requirements, it is important to note that they do not supersede the minimum requirements of the city's adopted codes, and should be used in conjunction with these minimum requirements when applicable. We recommend that any contractor or individual contact the Code Enforcement Department or Public Works Department if there any questions regarding the specific scope of work for the proposed project to ensure all applicable information may be obtained.

Jeremy Chesnutt                                                                                Ashley Everett

Chief Building Official                                                                        Permit Technician

Code Enforcement Officer                                                                 Office: 409-383-6111

TSBPE Inspector 3237                                                                        Email:

Office: 409-383-6144



Derrick Boykin

Code Enforcement Officer

Office: 409-383-6111


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